1. Go to Google Cloud Download and Install the SDK

  2. Select [Standard environment][Python]

    standard Python environment

  3. Follow the guild to install Cloud SDK for Python. You can go from step 1 to step 4. That’s good enough.

    installation guide

Install and initialize Google Cloud SDK

  1. Ensure that you already installed python before continue.

  2. Most of the latest MacOS use 64bits CPU, you will need to download 64bits lib. You can check your here how do I know if my mac is 32 or 64 bi

    64 bits lib

  3. Extract the file into your document folder.

    my extracted folder

  4. Open Terminal and change the current directories to your extracted folder above with cd [your extracted folder path]

    cd to extracted folder

  5. Run command ./install.sh It will ask you permission to install. Just type y to continue


  6. After installation is successful, close and restart your Terminal so that the changes take effect

  7. Initialize the SDK with gcloud init. It will ask you to choose the default Google Cloud project. Please choose the one that you create from this step Setup Google Cloud Service

  8. That’s it. You can continue with the next step for Installing Cloud SDK for Python